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YNOT was founded with support from the United States Embassy in Bangkok  by fellows of the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative(YSEALI) in conjunction with the U.S. mission to ASEAN. We’re a global organization committed to creating impactful changes in Southeast Asian communities by creating and developing youth leaders in the region.
Beginning in 2021, YNOT is accepting applications for 4 teams: the YNOT Start team, the YNOT Health team, the YNOT Philippines team, and the YNOT Executive Board. Each team will contribute to the overall mission of YNOT, each in different ways. 
YNOT Start will teach youths on how to create and maintain a non-profit organization,
YNOT Health will concentrate on raising awareness for different underrepresented health social issues that are important in Southeast Asia.
YNOT Philippines focus on developing different skills for youths, specifically concentrating on the youths in, and languages of, the Philippines,
and the YNOT Executive Board serves to aid with day-to-day management of all these and the rest of YNOT’s teams. The executive board is looking for a potential CFO and a CMO (job descriptions linked). 
You may submit to multiple positions from multiple teams of YNOT, but you will only be placed in one position in one team. The application consists of a written application and an interview. Once the deadline for the written application is over, if selected, you will be invited to a virtual interview. After the interview, we will email you your placement in YNOT for 2020-2021.
Language requirements:
Health or Start Teams: Strong written and spoken English
Philippines Team: Working English and Strong Tagalog/Filipino
Applications are due at January 24th, 11:59PM, Pacific Standard Time.
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