At YNOT Health, we bring to light underrepresented issues in mental and physical well-being.

About Health

Our Purpose

The YNOT Health team focuses on raising awareness about underrepresented health issues among Southeast Asians. We deliver our content first through eye-catching infographics. Then, we facilitate meaningful discussion through a series of podcasts and small-table talks encouraging youths to learn more about these issues.

Our content

Infographics & Articles

for maximum visual engagement and informational advice

podcasts & Videos

to provide listenable and watchable content

Small-table Talks

to give the opportunity for interaction

Module 1: Sexual Health Education

Focus 1

Sex Education

We wanted to ensure youths had access to information about sexual activity to inform their decision-making.

Focus 2

Abortion & Drugs

We sought to provide impartial information about these topics without advocating a particular position.

Focus 3

Reproductive Biology

We also hope our materials will help youths who aren’t taught about their bodies.

Module 2: Eating Disorders & Body Image