At our first event, we sparked meaningful discussion among our guests with a World Cafe format.

The New Normal

“Instead of trying to find the perfect answer, let’s start by asking better questions. Bring a drink, make friends and discuss solutions!”
YNOT launched its first event bringing together young, passionate residents of Southeast Asia excited about making a change in their communities, asking questions, and having meaningful and insightful conversations to empower their fellow youths in June 2020. 
The virtual conference hosted diverse youth leaders across SEA and the US and allowed participants to get to know their ideas, values and how they’re creating change in their own communities. In this online cafe experience, participants could roam around and meet different people at each table and learn their unique stories.
YNOT MEET’s theme was “the new normal for youth development.” Since the advent of the global coronavirus pandemic, youths around the world may not be able to receive education. With this event, we began to answer: “how can YNOT support youths in terms of providing youth opportunities?” 

Event Details

Participant Handbook

Event Organizers

Our guest list ranged from six time zones, all eleven ASEAN members, as well as participants from beyond who also wanted to discuss and hear of youth issues in their communities.

By the Numbers

Our program has outreached to a total of 120 attendees from 16 countries across 6 time zones, dedicated to 73 different organizations and universities. 

Once again, YNOT would like to express our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to each and every attendee ,and we are looking forward to reuniting with everyone in our upcoming projects.


Stay tuned for our future events. 


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